5 Fun Facts About the NTDC

NTDC in Pittsburgh

National Truck Driving Championships Held in Pittsburgh

Did you know that on August 12-16th, over 400 professional drivers flocked to Pittsburgh to compete in the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC)? Held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, drivers are tested on their road safety knowledge and skills.

Though there were over 2,000 spectators this year, those of us without family or friends in the trucking industry may not know anything about the event. We've compiled 5 interesting facts about the NTDC:

  1. Many refer to the event as the "Super Bowl of Safety."
    • The competitors are known as the safest and most skilled drivers on the road. To be eligible, they must first win a state championship in their truck class and be accident-free for at least 1 year. The NTDC and related state championships are considered the most effective safety programs in the industry.
  2. This marks the 77th year that the NTDC has taken place.
    • When launched in 1937, it was called the "National Truck Roadeo."
  3. The competition is more than an obstacle course.
    • All competitors must complete a written test, interview, and inspection test. A day is spent demonstrating their knowledge of trucker safety and rules, and the remaining three days are dedicated to assessing their driving skills.
  4. There are a total of nine truck categories, which are mainly based on vehicle size.
    • These "classes" range from regular-sized flatbeds to bulky twin trailers. Step vans, commonly known as delivery vans, also have their own category.
  5. This year's National Grand Champion was Jeffrey Langenhahn of Wisconsin.
    • A driver for 28 years, Langehahn is said to have driven roughly 2 million miles over the course of his career!

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