Swing Set Collapses in Pittsburgh

Swing Set Collapse

Incident Drawing Attention to Playground Risks

A trip to Kennedy Memorial Park quickly took a turn for the worse when a swing set fell onto a local child and father. The incident serves as a chilling reminder that playground equipment may not always be safe.

The swing's crossbar, striking the father twice in mid-air, fell onto the young girl and pinned her to the ground. Though neither were critically injured, the father sustained two fractured vertebrae and the daughter is said to have internal bruising.

The northeast Pittsburgh park has been closed for inspection and is now taking heat for its hazardous and outdated playground equipment. The faulty swing set, whose base was apparently uprooted from usage, is said to be at least 40 years old. Some residents say that the general neglect of the park is enough to keep them and their children away for good.

Unfortunately, accidents on neighborhood and backyard swing sets are nothing new. A string of similar incidents have occurred across the U.S., with the aftermath ranging from broken bones to deaths. Generally, these swings collapse because they are not properly anchored to the ground or were poorly assembled. These accidents are oftentimes unpredictable, but some precautions can help to keep children safe:

  • Never hang on the posts that stabilize the swing set.
  • Only one child should be on a swing at a time, unless it is designed to hold two people.
  • Always swing while sitting upright – never swing on your stomach or while leaning back.
  • Small children should be supervised while swinging. Very small children should use swings designed for them that provide more security and hold them in place.

For more information, check out our Playground Safety Tips webpage.

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