Popular Antibiotic May Contain Glass

Cubicin Recall

50,000 Vials of Cubicin Recalled

Cubicin has been used for the past decade as an injection to treat blood and skin infections. Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. is now recalling several thousand bottles of the product after discovering that some may contain glass particles.

According to the pharmaceutical company, an issue with a supplier's manufacturing line is to blame for the potential presence of glass. The vials, which were shipped between November 2011 and February 2014, are said to have been used without any reports of glass found in them. However, health risks are high for those who inject the tainted antibiotic – if it enters the bloodstream, buildups in arteries can restrict blood flow to vital organs including the lungs. In a statement, Cubist warns that tissue inflammation can result as a bodily response to the foreign material. In addition, patients with past problems relating to their blood supply are at a greater health risk.

As of today, no injuries have been connected to the one-time-use drug. The recall is therefore a precautionary step, with customers being notified via phone and letter. Those administering the product have also been instructed to determine if their supply has been recalled and discontinue distribution if it has. In addition, Cubicin vials that haven't been recalled should be inspected for foreign matter before use.

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