Johnson & Johnson Pulls Risky Uterine Surgery Tools

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Critics Happy That Customer Safety Came First

Ethicon, a division of the massive Johnson & Johnson corporation, is gaining some appreciation after withdrawing from the market three medical devices that may spread cancerous cells in patients.

A few months ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) began advising hospitals to avoid using three devices produced by Ethicon:

  • Gynecare Morcellex
  • Gynecare X-Tract tissue morcellators
  • Morcellex Sigma tissue morcellator system

These devices had a higher potential to release cancerous cells during operations than initially reported. If patients had uterine fibroids with the potential to become a cancer, this device can spread them through the patient's body. The company acted surprisingly quickly to remove the items from hospitals and potential sales, according to critics. The FDA was especially pleased to see the quick action after Johnson & Johnson allegedly wasted time in recalling faulty pelvic mesh products and all-metal hip replacements that caused patients injuries in the past.

The devices are used to remove unnecessary tissue in the uterus. Upon each review of these devices, the risk of spreading cancer seems to rise. It currently sits at 1 case out of every 350 operations. Supporters assert that these devices provide a less invasive solution for women who would otherwise need a costly abdominal surgery for certain conditions. Hospitals that have used these devices hope that Johnson & Johnson's speedy actions will set a tone for the medical device market of accountability and customer safety.

Were You or a Loved One Injured by an Unsafe Medical Device?

Manufacturers of medical products have a responsibility to make devices that keep their customers safe and healthy. If you were injured by a faulty medical product, you may have a case.

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