Peanut Recall Leads to Heated Court Case

Peanut Recall Case

Peanut Corp. of America Faces Consequences after Salmonella Outbreak

After months of seemingly endless recalls in the food industry, federal prosecutors are looking to punish some major food producers for a lack of concern for consumer safety. Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) is being taken to court for allegedly shipping products known to be tainted with salmonella.

The company's owner, broker, and quality control manager are being charged with fraud and concealing evidence from investigators after their products were found to be contaminated with salmonella in 2009. There are no charges related to the nine deaths that have occurred as a result of the outbreak. Reports claim that the company had reused old test results on new batches of peanut products to allow for faster shipping – the small company had to meet the deadline demands of larger producers like Kellogg's. The defense for PCA claims that at least some of the fault lies with the bigger producers who also failed to test the products, and it was easy for the smaller, less powerful company to be blamed.

The Centers for Disease Control have confirmed that 714 people were infected by PCA products, but evidence like this will take time to present, according to the prosecutors. Cases such as these are not common because of how difficult it can be to process evidence and prove a company's fault.

Were You Hurt by a Tainted Food Product?

Companies often acknowledge mistakes and recall contaminated products, but others may let dangerous products go to stores where you and your family shop. If you or a loved one were sickened by food poisoning, you may have a case.

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