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August 2014 Archive

Published on Aug 26, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
angry driver

Picture this: you’re running slightly behind on your morning commute and some sluggish driver keeps you from making the light, thereby solidifying your late status to work. You're stressed out and frustrated, but what can you do about it? If you are an aggressive driver, you may choose to take action.

Published on Aug 25, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

Did you know that on August 12-16th, over 400 professional drivers flocked to Pittsburgh to compete in the National Truck Driving Championships (NTDC)? Held at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center, drivers are tested on their road safety knowledge and skills.

Published on Aug 25, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

Whether or not it’s safe for an infant to fly on an adult’s lap has been a subject of debate for years. Differing opinions and various trade-offs associated with carrying babies on planes have turned a travel custom into a travel controversy.

Published on Aug 25, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

Children love having a Brita water bottle featuring their favorite cartoon character, and parents love that it has a built-in water filter. Despite their neat graphics and features, a massive recall of these bottles is causing children of all ages to put down the product.

Published on Aug 22, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

August 19, 2014 UPDATE— According to the latest findings, “talking” vehicle technology is likely to lead to safer roads, preventing more than 500,000 collisions per year.

Published on Aug 20, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
McCormick Oregano Recall

If you often cook with spices or seasoning, you may want to take notice of this recent health alert. McCormick & Co. has chosen to recall 1,032 cases of their ground oregano for fear that it may contain Salmonella.

Published on Aug 20, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

In recent years, use of cell phones by teenagers behind the wheel has taken center stage among driver safety concerns. A new study by the American Psychological Association (APA) reports that more than half of teenage drivers are taking these calls from their parents.

Published on Aug 18, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
Digoxin Mortality Risks

For years, people have turned to digoxin to control a particular kind of abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation. A new study shows that patients using digoxin for this condition may be putting their lives at risk.

Published on Aug 18, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

Many are unaware of how their iPhone is built, let alone the chemicals that production workers are exposed to as it’s made. Use of two hazardous substances, benzene and n-hexane, have been removed in final manufacturing stages as part of Apple Inc.’s efforts to protect workers’ health.

Published on Aug 15, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
first responders

Over a decade after it ended, some first responders from the attacks on the World Trade Centers are getting more bad news. Cancer case numbers specific to rescue workers present at Ground Zero are still steadily increasing.

Published on Aug 13, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
Chicken recall

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has developed new test methods that will hopefully stop more salmonella and Campylobacter contaminations in the nation's poultry products. These tests are updates to methods of inspection that have been in place since 1957.

Published on Aug 12, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

GM vehicle defects have once again reared their ugly head. Power window switches, which are causing fire hazards, have forced the company to recall these cars for a third time.

Published on Aug 12, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

A trip to Kennedy Memorial Park quickly took a turn for the worse when a swing set fell onto a local child and father. The incident serves as a chilling reminder that playground equipment may not always be safe.

Published on Aug 12, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

Cubicin has been used for the past decade as an injection to treat blood and skin infections. Cubist Pharmaceuticals Inc. is now recalling several thousand bottles of the product after discovering that some may contain glass particles.

Published on Aug 12, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
birth control cancer

More detailed information about the risk for breast cancer in women using an oral contraceptive has been released by the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. According to a new study, the increased risk of developing cancer depends on the estrogen content of the drug.

Published on Aug 11, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

We’ve all heard about the risks that come with using dirty needles on tattoos. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is now warning that tattoo ink can also cause bad skin reactions and other health problems.

Published on Aug 08, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
social security card

For many families affected by a brain injury, financial hardship is a harsh reality. Medical expenses from hospital stays, long-term rehabilitation, and devices to adapt to living at home add up quickly, and being unable to work can make day-to-day life extremely stressful.

Published on Aug 08, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
Hysterectomy Myomectomy

Ethicon, a division of the massive Johnson & Johnson corporation, is gaining some appreciation after withdrawing from the market three medical devices that may spread cancerous cells in patients.

Published on Aug 08, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
peanut recall

After months of seemingly endless recalls in the food industry, federal prosecutors are looking to punish some major food producers for a lack of concern for consumer safety. Peanut Corp. of America (PCA) is being taken to court for allegedly shipping products known to be tainted with salmonella.

Published on Aug 08, 2014 by Edgar Snyder
vizio recall

Some Vizio customers' televisions are making an unexpected move into the third dimension – E-Series TVs are being recalled for faulty stand assembly that may cause the screen to tip over.

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