Pesticides and Weed Killers Can Stick Around for Years

pesticide effects

Are Lawn Care Products Putting Users at Risk?

After a destructive mayfly swarm overtook the Mississippi River and caused three car accidents this summer, pesticides may sound like a great idea to most people. New research may change a few minds, however – stronger pesticide chemicals may linger in a human body for decades.

Chemicals like glyphosate 2, 4-D, permethrin, and DDT are common ingredients in weed and bug-killing products that may have adverse effects on the health of children and pregnant women. A study from New York's Mount Sinai Hospital claims that the harsh substances can affect neurological development, behavior, and the tendency to develop chronic illness in children. They warn that exposure to these chemicals can have a delayed – if not lasting – effect on growing kids and teens. This research has been met with opposition, however, and is being debated by the American Council of Science and Health. More research will follow as the two parties study the effects further.

Lawn care professionals often warn their customers to stay off grass that has been treated for 24 hours, but no scientific evidence tells if that is an accurate amount of time, or if there is even a risk involved. Small orange or white flags are usually the telling sign that a lawn has been treated.

Were You or a Loved One Hurt by a Dangerous Chemical?

If a landlord, neighbor, or professional used a risky pesticide around your home, you and your family could be at risk. If you or a loved one were hurt by a pesticide, you may have a case.

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