Most Dangerous Roads for Motorcycles in Pittsburgh?

most dangerous roads

Road Design, Traffic Patterns, and Dangerous Hazards Make These Roads a Nightmare

Motorcyclists often ride for a sense of freedom, but at least seven roads in Pittsburgh are putting them on guard.

A new study shows that data from the past four years highlights local motorcycle accident hotspots. The list includes:

  • All of East Carson Street
  • Route 910
  • Saw Mill Run Boulevard
  • The connection of Penn, Fifth Avenue, and Washington Boulevard
  • Ohio River Boulevard
  • Liberty Avenue at 16th and 31st Street
  • Intersection of Route 8 and Hardies in Gibsonia

These locations are often either flooded with traffic or heavily used by large vehicles and trucks. This makes drivers worry less about motorcycles and more about making room for dump trucks or tractor trailers. When motorcycles enter these spaces, they are sometimes completely unseen before it's too late.

In areas such as East Carson Street, however, the study reveals that motorcycle riders are the ones who need to slow down. Accidents there typically occur when a motorcyclist thinks he or she can make a tight or last-second turn against straightaway traffic. If a car isn't prepared for a motorcycle to squeeze into a turn, bikers can end up with an undesirable choice between head-on collision and a curbside wipeout.

The Greater Pittsburgh Motorcycle Safety Council says that the number of accidents in these danger-zones will drop if they spread awareness and urge motorists to observe all of their surroundings when driving.

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