Chobani Recall Over Unlikely Germ

chobani recall

Not Your Average Food Poisoning

When consumers think of "food poisoning," they probably cringe at the idea of viruses, bacteria, or even parasites sneaking onto their plates. Chobani Yogurt, however, is battling a new and unusual threat to its customers: Food fungus.

In 2013, Chobani recalled certain batches of their Greek yogurt after multiple complaints of consumers getting sick from eating their products. Lab testing confirmed that a lesser-known germ called Mucor circinelloides had made its way into Chobani's cups. It was thought that the infectious fungus could only harm people with immune systems weakened by disease or harsh drug use, but the study's findings assert that otherwise healthy people were still having intestinal distress after eating the yogurt. The online medical journal "mBio" claims that in lab settings the fungus was lethal to rodents.

Chobani has disputed these claims, however, and promised that they have done extensive screenings of their products since the recall and found no dangers to report. Both Chobani and mBio are reviewing each other's findings to resolve the conflict.

Did a Tainted Product Give You Food Poisoning?

When different reports give you conflicting information about food safety, it can be difficult to avoid a potentially dangerous product. If you or a loved one were hurt by food poisoning, you may have a case.

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