Children and Furniture Accidents


It Happens Too Often, Sometimes Close to Home

After the death of two Aliquippa girls caused by a falling dresser, Pennsylvania and the nation alike are giving more attention to furniture-related accidents.

Over 25,400 times a year, children are killed by falling televisions, dressers, tables, and appliances. This often happens when a child attempts to climb a piece of furniture. Bedrooms are the most common accident scene, and the most common cause of death is suffocation from the weight of the furniture on top of the child.

Parents, police, and safety experts alike are begging furniture manufactures to strictly adhere to the voluntary guidelines for safe design set forth by the Consumer Federation of America in 2009. They also recommend that adults take measures to keep their furniture safe, such as:

  • Securing top-heavy dressers to the wall
  • Removing items that might tempt children to climb to high places
  • Keeping TVs low to the ground
  • Asking your furniture retailer about the stability and childproof characteristics of your purchases

Were You or Your Child Injured by a Dangerous Product?

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