Leading Cause of Death for Americans Under 30


Unfortunately, it's Not a Big Surprise

A new report uncovers a gruesome truth that almost 80% of deaths in the U.S. suffered by people under the age of 30 are caused by injuries. Car accidents, slips and falls, and acts of violence are well ahead of diseases and natural disasters.

3/4 of that statistic are made up by unintentional injuries or accidents. The most common situations involve vehicle crashes, falls, poisonings, and drownings. This does not account for people who survive injuries from accidents or violent behavior – that number is somewhere around 31 million annually. An extension of this research found that older adults suffering slips and falls accounted for 2 million of their demographic's injuries.

The study was not released simply to spread sad numbers. The researchers urge readers to understand that each accident was preventable. Increasing safety measures and treating injuries as a national concern of public health will cut this number drastically, according to the report. It may also be in the country's best financial interest to help prevent injuries – these occurrences cost an estimated $500 billion in medical care and lost productivity in 2010 alone.

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