"Inappropriate" Knee Surgeries on the Rise


Healthy Patients at Risk, or Old Standards Holding Back Progress?

A study published by the journal Arthritis & Rheumatology measured the risks and benefits of total knee replacement surgery, an operation that's getting more popular in hospitals every year since 1991 - 34% of operations performed in the U.S. were labeled "inappropriate" for patients.

It may be even more troublesome that less than half of these operations are deemed "appropriate," meaning the benefits highly outweighed the risks. The remaining percentage was "inconclusive," or had equal risk and benefit. Many speculate that a recent increase in these surgeries comes from their usefulness, while others fear that patients who would be better off with a less invasive operation don't know all the facts.

Some worried surgeons are calling for an update to the criteria that a person must meet to be eligible for total knee replacement surgery. With so many patients feeling pain, losing functionality, and developing new conditions after their operations, they figure that the procedure should be reserved for a smaller circle that are guaranteed to come out of the operating room in better condition.

In addition to aches and loss of mobility, risks associated with the surgery include deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism, and a tiny – but very real – chance of death.

Were You Injured in an Unnecessary Operation?

Choosing the right medical care can be difficult, especially if you're distracted by an injury. What if you don't need the procedure your doctor is suggesting? Or what if a dangerous medical product makes your pain worse?

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Source: "Study: 1/3 of knee replacements are questionable." CNN News. June 30th, 2014.