June 2014 Archive

Norovirus Found in Restaurants

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is begging sick food service workers to stay home. A new report finds that food contaminated at banquet halls, catering companies, and restaurants is responsible for 1,008 different norovirus infections.

IV Drip
Drug Diversions Put Patients at Risk for Infection
A dangerous trend is picking up in healthcare facilities across the country: nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals are stealing prescription drugs from patients. To make matters worse, some are spreading blood-borne illness by borrowing needles.
The Facts About Frivolous Lawsuits

It's not uncommon for the media to report on one of the newest "crazy lawsuits" going on at the moment. The presentation of these stories is typically the same: the narrator may have skeptical tone as they read details about the case, or there could even be lighthearted music playing in the background. While the media has a tendency to be very cynical about lawsuits of this nature, they may not be giving their viewers all of the facts about these cases.

Bike Lane
Pittsburgh gets $25,000 Bicycle Safety Grant
The city of Pittsburgh is receiving a grant to boost its accessibility to bicycle riders after the trial run of a similar program was successful in Memphis.
How Much Car Accidents Cost the Country

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently calculated how much money car accidents cost the country in 2010. The result is nothing short of "jaw-dropping."