Drug Info on Wikipedia Dangerously Outdated

Wikipedia Needs an Update

Study Finds Old, Inaccurate Data on Popular Medications

You might want to think twice before using Wikipedia as your authority on a drug you're taking. An independent study found that many of the site's entries for prescription medications are inaccurate or outdated.

The stream of misleading information is believed to come from patients who have taken the medicines. Investigators warn that while firsthand experience with a medicine gives a user some knowledge of the drug, their accounts should not be taken as hard facts. If their experience with a drug is not typical, their entry may mislead Wikipedia users. They also found that more popular medicines were likely to be updated often while pages on lesser-known drugs were ignored.

Their research was based on how quickly recent Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warnings about medicines made an appearance on their respective Wikipedia pages. Wikipedia will sometimes "lock" pages to avoid controversy, but they state that they leave entries for medicine open because new warnings that should be mentioned occur so often.

Some medical professionals and researchers alike suggest this should prompt doctors, pharmacists, and scientists to take a more active role in public health by policing pages like those on Wikipedia.

Were You Hurt by a Dangerous Drug?

With so much conflicting information on the web, it can be difficult to tell which medications are safest for you. If you suffered after taking an unsafe medicine, you may have a case.

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Source: "Wikipedia drug entries often inaccurate or outdated, study finds." CBS News. June 26, 2014.