New FDA Warning Added to Low-T Treatments

Low T Treatments Carry Risk

Dangerous Unlisted Ingredients Risk Consumers' Health

Concern for the safety of testosterone supplements is reaching a peak as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) updates its warnings about blood clots occurring as a result of taking these products.

Before recently, certain supplements made to combat low-T carried a warning about only blood clots caused by polycythemia, a buildup of red cells in veins brought on by increased blood flow. Now, their newest research suggests that blood clots are common in patients taking testosterone supplements with or without the occurrence of polycythemia. This broadens the range of people vulnerable to the clots.

This is their only confirmed discovery. The FDA will continue to research these products to see if they link to increased heart failures and strokes. For now, they are positive that Deep Vein Thrombosis and pulmonary embolism – two potentially deadly conditions – are risks involved with testosterone therapy.

Were You Injured Using a Dangerous Drug?

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