New Bike Lanes Coming to Pittsburgh

New Bike Lanes Coming to Pittsburgh

City Moves Forward with Bicycle Accessibility

UPDATE: July 7, 2014: The official announcement of Pittsburgh's $250,000 bike lane renovation plan has been made by Mayor Peduto – the completion of the safer cycle lanes is set for Labor Day.

The improvements include repainting old lanes, marking new ones, and adding small curbs to bicycle-only spaces All in all, the Pittsburgh Public Works will add five miles of safer lanes to city streets.

June 24, 2014: Pittsburgh cyclists get more good news as the city moves forward with the plan to add more bike-only lanes to downtown Pittsburgh. A section of Penn Avenue leading to the Cultural District is set to become bicycle-friendly.

No official announcement has been released, but the Port Authority has received word of the plans so they can make new routes around the changes. The eastbound lane of Penn will hold both directions of bicycle traffic – cars will be redirected to Duquesne Boulevard and Liberty Avenue as a detour. City planners guess that the lanes will be finished by September 8th. New bus schedules will be in place by August 31st. Stops for these buses shouldn't move any further than a block from where they are now.

This is Pittsburgh's first big project with PeopleForBikes, a group that moves from state to state to fund developments that welcome cyclists to America's largest and most popular cities. The group selected Pittsburgh after seeing their work in Memphis improve both infrastructure and economy in and around the city.

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