PA Seniors Get Help Behind the Wheel

senior driver

Driving Classes Help Keep Older Drivers Independent

The constant changes in cars' technology can be tough to keep up with for anyone. Seniors for Safe Driving (SSD), the American Automobile Association (AAA), and the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) are making sure that older Pennsylvanians don't fall behind by offering driving refresher courses.

The course offers tips for older drivers dealing with unfamiliar situations. Topics such as understanding new brake systems, sharing roads with larger vehicles, and avoiding injury are introduced with adaptations made for some of the challenges seniors face while driving. A statement from an AAA officer says that the course is made to find a balance between older motorists' better decision-making and slower reflexes so they can stay safe on the road and not pose a threat to any other drivers.

Classes couldn't have started at a more practical time – since 2014, the number of senior drivers on Pennsylvania's roads has increased by at least 2% every year. Unfortunately, they are also well-represented in crash and fatality statistics. 17% of deaths in car accidents every year are older drivers.

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Source: "Classes help Pa. senior drivers adapt to changes in cars--and in themselves." Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. June 12, 2014.