Salmonella Hits Spices: Costco Pepper Recalled

Salmonella Continues Spreading

Increased Nationwide Testing for Contaminated Food Finds Another Outbreak

Costco is sending out warnings and recalling products after tests in their lab found a rare strain of the bacteria in their Coarse Ground Malabar Black Pepper.

Costco shoppers received automated phone calls over the weekend warning them that the affected products made it into stores and possibly into shopping carts. Kirkland ground pepper with a best-by date of March 2017 showed traces of Salmonella Duisburg, a fairly uncommon type of contamination. No illnesses have been linked to this product so far.

Spices may appear as an unlikely culprit for food poisoning, but the Food and Drug Administration reports that in the past three years, 7% of all spices imported to the U.S. have been tainted with salmonella. Spices are also twice as likely to carry some kind of contamination, compared to other inspected foods.

Did You Get Food Poisoning From a Contaminated Product?

Sometimes, news of a recall or danger in your food just doesn't come soon enough. If you've been sickened by a tainted product, you may have a case.

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