Pittsburgh's Pedestrians with Disabilities Face Challenges

Pedestrians With Disabilities Speak Out

Are Certain Parts of Town More Dangerous than Others?

Only a month after Pittsburgh was named the 2nd Safest City for Pedestrians in America, some of the city's citizens with disabilities are speaking out about how tough it can be for them to move through popular parts of town.

This is not to say that they are entirely unhappy – Pittsburgh has made great strides toward accessibility with the addition of 80 audible crosswalk signals and countdown clocks. But older parts of Pittsburgh that have not seen these renovations may present hazards. Winding sidewalks and crumbling curbs remain in neighborhoods such as Hazelwood and Shadyside. Citizens state explicitly that they avoid these communities and their businesses because they have too much trouble getting there. Pedestrians cite curbs and intersections on Forbes Avenue, the Strip District, and the Shadyside business area as some of the biggest issues.

Organizations like the Pittsburgh Association of the Deaf continue to push for added safety measures in these locations and more. The city states that every year, they receive about 30 requests like these and push to make necessary repairs in a timely fashion.

Were You Injured by Dangerous Road or Sidewalk Conditions?

Property owners, cities, and even states are responsible for keeping people safe as they move from place to place. Did you suffer an injury from an accident that should have prevented? You may have a case.

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Source: "Pedestrians with disabilities struggle in some sections of Pittsburgh"