Salmonella Contaminates Eggs, Business

Not Exactly a Quality Egg

Egg Producer and Distributor Confesses to Selling Tainted Products

It's a bad year to be a food producer in America. Quality Egg LLC executives pleaded "guilty" to selling eggs tainted with salmonella and bribing inspectors to allow the sale of unsafe food products.

Beginning in 2010, a salmonella outbreak that sickened thousands across the country partially began with the release of this company's bad eggs—the father and son executives await their sentences after admitting that they kept the spread going. Selling tainted products was only the first of their offenses, however. Bribery, forgery, and use of illegal labor may give their judge cause to add to their punishment. When a recall of their product first occurred in 2010, they paid initial settlements to victims of salmonella from their eggs. Their confessions may warrant further payments to those who were affected by tainted Quality Egg products. As of now, the company has been fined a record-setting $6.8 million.

Investigators report there is no evidence to support the claim that the executives knowingly sold eggs with salmonella, only that conditions for their eggs were unsafe and vulnerable to contamination. Either way, their case marks one more addition to the country's growing troubles with food safety.

Were You Sickened by Food Poisoning?

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Source: "Egg titan, son plead guilty in food safety case." CBS News. June 3, 2014.