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Published on Jun 02, 2014 by Edgar Snyder

Pittsburgh Gets $25,000 Bicycle Safety Grant

Bike Lane

Program Previously Successful in Memphis Comes to PA

The city of Pittsburgh is receiving a grant to boost its accessibility to bicycle riders after the trial run of a similar program was successful in Memphis.

In 2008, Broad Street in Memphis, Tennessee was filled with businesses and shops struggling to make ends meet. Community planners needed a way to slow traffic down and bring more eyes to their storefronts. The solution they came up with included painting protected bike lanes for cyclists on their streets. After the idea proved successful in turning around the town's economy, a group named "PeopleForBikes" has now awarded Pittsburgh $25,000 to make similar improvements for bicycle riders in the city.

This money can be put toward anything the group and city administrators see fit for boosting bicycle safety. This includes curbs, signage, paint for roads, and even planters and landscaping. These additions can give cyclists separation from traffic and pedestrians.

Pittsburgh planners, however, have a number of concerns that may not have been significant to Memphis. Bridges, narrow streets, potholes, public transit, and a lack of bicycle parking are problems they will have to overcome. Both the planners and Mayor Peduto, however, are optimistic about the grant's usefulness.

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Source: "Cities like Pittsburgh getting innovative to befriend bicyclists." Trib Total Media. June 1, 2014.
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