How Much Car Accidents Cost the Country


Staggering Price of Crashes is Well into Billions

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently calculated how much money car accidents cost the country in 2010. The result is nothing short of "jaw-dropping."

Between the cleanup of the accident, the bills and insurance of those involved, the repairs to cars and roadways, and the lawsuits that followed the crashes, the United States lost $871 billion that year. This price was the result of 24 million damaged vehicles, 3.9 million injuries, and 32,999 deaths across the nation. This is about 2% of America's gross domestic product—the amount of money the country made in a year.

The NHTSA offered another perspective to understand this number: It's the equivalent of everyone in the U.S. paying $900. The NHTSA calculates these statistics once every decade, so we won't know until 2020 whether conditions are improving.

Were You Hurt in a Car Accident?

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Source: "Motor Vehicle Crashes Cost U.S. $871 Billion in 2010." The Associated Press. May 30, 2014.