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May 2014 Archive

Scholarship Contest
Scholarship Awarded for Drunk Driving Presentation

In just a moment, everything can change. Thomas Jefferson student Taylor Childers knows this much too well. In 2008, she and her best friend, Tia, were being driven by Tia’s father to a 6th grade party when tragedy struck. An underage, drunk, and drugged driver collided head-on with their vehicle, instantly killing Tia, age 12, and causing serious injury to both Tia’s father and herself.

Scholarship Contest
Texting & Driving Essay Wins Scholarship

Maplewood High School senior Allyn Propheter was selected as a winner of the Edgar Snyder & Associates "Words to be Heard" Scholarship Contest for her essay discouraging distracted driving. Propheter, a Centerville resident, received a $1,000 scholarship for Just Three Seconds, a short story that portrays two friends whose lives are tragically ended by texting and driving.

Scholarship Contest
Words to be Heard Drunk Driving Video

Machosky, a resident of Smithfield, produced a video that gives a sobering reminder of the risk of getting behind the wheel drunk. The video opens with scenes from a party interlaced with drunk driving statistics. But, it’s not long until the party atmosphere and music comes to an abrupt stop.

Scholarship Contest
Kid-Friendly Advice on Texting & Driving

"Kid-Friendly Advice" is a 90 second texting and driving PSA created by Bishop McCort High School senior Ryan King. His video was selected from hundreds of entries as a winner of the Edgar Snyder & Associates "Words to be Heard" Scholarship Contest. He received $2,500 which he will put toward film school tuition this fall.

car accident
Old Tires Cause Car Accidents

Of all the parts on a car that may simply break down with age, ones that drivers can easily forget to regularly take care of are tires. Major car manufacturers are beginning to urge drivers to replace tires every six years because a deadly crash may have proven that time can make old tires a hazard.

Pregnant Women Greater Risk for Car Accidents

Who would have guessed it could be any harder? New studies provide evidence that women expecting a child are at a much greater risk for car accidents.

motorcycle on road
Dreary Weather Means Motorcycle Deaths Decline

A new government report is projecting a 7 percent decline in motorcyclist deaths nationwide for 2013. According to experts, the past year of less-than-perfect weather lead to the reduction by keeping motorcyclists off the road.