Ford Recalls Cars for Defective Power Steering

Defective Power Steering

Recall Fever Hits Another Automaker

Car makers and regulators are leaving nothing to chance as another wave of recalls hits American drivers. The 2008-2011 Ford Escape and 2011-2013 Explorer have joined the list of defective vehicles after faulty power steering caused multiple accidents.

After General Motors' (GM) recalled cars were linked to 13 deaths, analysts and automakers alike are becoming hypersensitive to any defects no matter how great or small the risk. For Ford, a faulty sensor that switches their vehicles to manual steering has been responsible for five accidents so far. Consumer complaints, however, are reaching into the thousands. Certain 2008-2011 Lincoln and Mercury cars are included in the recall as well for similar issues.

Ford encountered a similar problem in 2009, but did not make a recall since the cars could still technically operate. The sensor was improved since then, but consumers are letting them know that they are still not satisfied.

They join the unfortunate ranks of Nissan and Toyota that have also suffered large setbacks this year. Both are reaching last year's total recall numbers less than halfway through this year's production of cars.

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