PA Ground Beef Recalled Due to E. Coli

Ground Beef

Did PA Get the Bad Beef?

UPDATE—May 29: This recall may be the last straw for public health advocates. A consumer group known as the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is suing the USDA for continuing to allow contaminated food to be sold.

After hundreds were allegedly made ill by Foster Farms' chicken products, the CSPI investigated and concluded that antibiotic-resistant salmonella was the culprit. The USDA has not named salmonella as a bacteria that instantly warrants a recall when found in meat—it is technically a second-class threat. This makes it unfit for human consumption, but it does not ban the sale of the meat.

The CSPI has been working for three years to change this rule. They mark this lawsuit as what they hope will be their last effort on the matter.

May 23: The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently recalled nearly two million pounds of ground beef delivered to grocery stores and restaurants across the country due to E. coli contamination. One Pennsylvania location may have some of the tainted meat on its shelves.

Gordon Food Service Marketplace—known to many as GFS—has multiple PA locations, including Erie and Robinson Township. The recalled beef was sold to the market chain between the end of March and the start of May, meaning that it's probably off GFS' shelves by now and in someone's home freezer. If you purchased ground beef from one of these locations, it is recommended you throw it away. Experts say you can ensure your family and friends' safety at your future barbecues by cooking patties to 160 degrees F. and higher. This is the minimum temperature to kill E. coli bacteria. Also, leave no pink color in the center of your patties.

USDA officials continue to search for any remaining tainted beef, but it is safe to assume that it has been purchased in PA, according to a statement.

Were You Sickened by Eating Contaminated Food?

Even a well-done burger can make you sick if the meat is contaminated. Or maybe news of the recall didn't get to you in time. If you've had food poisoning, you may have a case.

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