Holiday Weekend Drivers Beware

Holiday Weekend Drivers Beware

National Safety Council Releases Grim Prediction to Complement Police Crackdown

Most people prepare for Memorial Day Weekend by planning cookouts and hosting relatives. The National Safety Council (NSC), however, is taking more serious action as the beginning of summer approaches. The NSC released a prediction that 382 Americans will die in car accidents between Friday and Monday night.

That's not all: The Council also predicts 40,900 will suffer injuries in crashes. These numbers are based on accident totals from recent years and the trends developing with traffic during 2014.

The President and CEO of the NSC said in a statement that they release these estimates to keep attention on the risks of holiday travel. For those travelling during the weekend, they've stressed a few tips for staying safe on the road:

  • Avoid all cell phone use, handheld or hands-free.
  • Secure children with appropriate seats and belts.
  • Designate a driver if you've had even one drink.
  • Drive cautiously, especially in bad weather.

In an effort to shrink the NSC's scary stats, state police are clamping down on seatbelt violators, particularly during this weekend. These violations are only secondary offenses in PA for drivers over 18, but teenage drivers can be pulled over and ticketed if they are not buckled up.

These extra efforts by police are supplemental, however—recent years have shown seatbelt use increasing and accidents involving drivers and passengers not wearing seatbelts diminishing. Drivers won't have to worry about seatbelts at all, however, if they don't want to pay the current price of gasoline.

The current Pittsburgh average cost per gallon is $3.85. This hasn't affected predictions that two million vehicles will still travel the PA Turnpike to their holiday destination. Researchers cite the brutal winter weather leading to an increase in interest to travel as weather gets milder.

As millions travel, the PA Department of Transportation will clear construction equipment and most roadwork on highways such as Interstate 79, 80, and route 422 to allow smoother travel. Construction will resume Tuesday. Single lane restrictions where work is being done, however, will remain.

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