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How Does PA Stack Up During National Dog Bite Prevention Week?

After National Dog Bite Prevention week started with a bang thanks to the "Hero House Cat," the Associated Press revealed new statistics on states with the highest number of dog bite claims in America. Pennsylvania, unfortunately, ranks fairly high.

With 180 claims paying a total of $5.8 million last year, PA ranks fifth in the country for dog bites resulting in injury. Only Texas, Ohio, Illinois, and California saw more attacks last year. New Jersey rounds out the top 15 list with 86 attacks.

These numbers inspired dog trainers around the world to continue delivering their message that preventing bites starts with the owner. It's not the breed, but rather the owner who most influences the dog's behavior. Proper training and socialization are important, as well as following leash laws. Some valuable tips to help avoid attacks include:

  • Respect a dog's space.
  • Don't interfere with a mother caring for her puppies.
  • If a dog threatens you, stay still and avoid eye contact.
  • Take caution around older dogs or dogs taking medicine—they may be less friendly.

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Were You Injured by a Dog Bite?

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