Tire Recalls: A Mystery to Many

tire smoke

NHTSA Thinks There's No Excuse for Missed Recalls

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) is losing patience with tire manufacturers as an investigation reveals that millions of defective tires are still on cars and in stores across the country.

The investigation is a result of the NHTSA's recent interest in getting aging tires off the road. They cite the absence of any kind of tire information database as the issue that allows bad tires to go unchecked. A site with a similar function does exist, however, in safecar.gov. Consumers may search the NHTSA's files for recalls by the model and brand of their tires.

A big part of the NHTSA's dissatisfaction with this site lies in its results. Without any assistance, consumers are given a range of codes for tire recalls, and then they must figure out if their tire matches the recall code. A spokesperson from the Rubber Manufacturers Association said that a simpler database is "worthy of discussion." Until then, customers are urged to call their manufacturers directly if there is any doubt about the quality of their tires.

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