Pregnant Women at Greater Risk for Car Accidents

pregnant woman driving

New, Unexpected Hazard to Women Who Are Expecting

Who would have guessed it could be any harder? New studies provide evidence that women expecting a child are at a much greater risk for car accidents.

Between 2006 and 2011, close to one out of every 50 pregnant women was involved in an auto accident according to the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Publishers of the study report that most women don't ask about the risks of driving while pregnant because changes to other areas—flying in planes, watching their diets—seem more obvious and important. Many medical professionals are surprised by the research, but the data remained consistent since the publishing of these findings.

While the cause isn't clear yet, doctors assume the physical effects of pregnancy such as aches, nausea, and sleeplessness distract pregnant women from the road, and enlarged midsections discourage the use of seatbelts. Doctors are urging expectant women to get back to basics if they need to drive: Full rests at stop signs, limited distractions, and plenty of notice on turn signals.

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Source: "Pregnancy Tied to Car Crash Risk, Study Finds." ABC News. May 13, 2014.