Old Tires Can Cause Car Accidents

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How Long Before a Tire Becomes a Problem?/h2>

Of all the parts on a car that may simply break down with age, ones that drivers can easily forget to regularly take care of are tires. Major car manufacturers are beginning to urge drivers to replace tires every six years because a deadly crash may have proven that time can make old tires a hazard.

Companies such as General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler are teaming up in a claim that, whether tires are used often or not, six years' time will reduce their tread to an unsafe level. The companies have even proposed adding a tire's age to the list of items that auto inspectors check on regular vehicle inspections. Tire makers, however, disagree.

The Rubber Manufacturers of America argue that the age of a tire is not what wears it down, but rather its usage and condition. The argument began back in February when an SUV with 10-year-old tires ran into a school bus, killing four people.

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