Dreary Weather Means Decline in Motorcycle Deaths

motorcycle on road

New Report Shows Motorcycle Fatalities Down by 7%

A new government report is projecting a 7 percent decline in motorcyclist deaths nationwide for 2013. According to experts, the past year of less-than-perfect weather lead to the reduction by keeping motorcyclists off the road.

The report from the Governors Highway Safety Association asserts that the unseasonably warm and dry weather of 2012 inspired more motorcycle rides, and thus more motorcycle accidents. However, the colder, rainy conditions of 2013 had the opposite effect—causing only the second national decline in motorcycle deaths in the past 15 years.

Last year, poor weather may have also caused deaths from motorcycle crashes in Pennsylvania to decrease. Motorcycle fatalities in PA dropped by 14 percent last year, to 181, according to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. This is the lowest total PA has seen since 2004.

Safety experts still maintain that bad weather should not be relied upon to ensure the safety of motorcyclists. May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and riders everywhere should be encouraged to take advantage of the many helpful safety resources available to them.

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