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The Dangers of Hosting a Graduation Party

As the end of the school year approaches, many parents are gearing up to host the ultimate graduation party for their high school senior and all of their friends and family. With so many graduation get-togethers happening all at once, parents may feel pressure to throw a bash that stands out from all the rest. Some adults may not realize that if they plan on serving alcohol to party guests, there can be devastating consequences, which could cause their graduation celebration to stand out for all the wrong reasons.

Defective Power Steering
Ford Recalls Cars for Defective Power Steering

Car makers and regulators are leaving nothing to chance as another wave of recalls hits American drivers. The 2008-2011 Ford Escape and 2011-2013 Explorer have joined the list of defective vehicles after faulty power steering caused multiple accidents.

Hummus Ingredients Add to the Growing Problem
E. Coli, Listeria Outbreak Spreads to Pennsylvania's Hummus, Nuts

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) have their hands full this week. E. coli and other bacteria showed up again in Pennsylvania food stores in several products containing certain nuts, beans, and seeds.

17 Swimming Safety Tips
17 Swimming Safety Tips for Summer Fun
A lot of families recognize Memorial Day as the unofficial start of summer, a good spot on the calendar to start unwinding a bit more. With the weather heating up, there are few better ways to do just that than with a refreshing swim. In a backyard or public swimming pool, it's important to beware of the dangers that can lead to unfortunate accidents.
Elders Enjoy the Outdoors
11 Tips on Finding the Best Assisted Living for Seniors

Making the move from a home to assisted living can be a difficult experience that can raise more questions than it answers. Not only is it difficult for whoever is signing papers and doing research on good facilities, but it signals an enormous change—a change that very few people are comfortable making.

Yelp Reviews Help Find Food Poisoning
Yelp Reviews Help Find Food Poisoning Outbreaks
When people have bad restaurant experiences, they often don't have trouble telling their friends about it. Now, letting friends know if your lunch made you sick can help researchers identify outbreaks of food poisoning.
PA Ground Beef Recalled Due to E. Coli
Beef Recall Due to E. Coli in PA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) recently recalled nearly two million pounds of ground beef delivered to grocery stores and restaurants across the country due to E. coli contamination. One Pennsylvania location may have some of the tainted meat on its shelves.

Holiday Weekend Drivers Beware
Holiday Weekend Drivers Beware

Most people prepare for Memorial Day Weekend by planning cookouts and hosting relatives. The National Safety Council (NSC), however, is taking more serious action as the beginning of summer approaches. The NSC released a prediction that 382 Americans will die in car accidents between Friday and Monday night.

Dangerous Chemicals Found in Daycare
Dangerous Chemicals Found in Daycare Centers and Preschools
Dangerous chemicals linked to low birth weights, hormonal imbalances, and even cancer are often found in industrial plants and construction sites, but how did they wind up in America’s daycare centers and preschools?
PA Rankings in Dog Bite Claims
Pennsylvania Rankings in Dog Bite Claims

After National Dog Bite Prevention week started with a bang thanks to the "Hero House Cat," the Associated Press revealed new statistics on states with the highest number of dog bite claims in America. Pennsylvania, unfortunately, ranks fairly high.

Tire Smoke
Tire Recalls: Mystery to Many

The National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) is losing patience with tire manufacturers as an investigation reveals that millions of defective tires are still on cars and in stores across the country.

Allergy Medicine
Allergy Meds Take Toll on Summer Drivers
As the Western Pennsylvania weather settles into summer, seasonal allergy sufferers are feeling it. Medications may provide relief, but they can have a dangerous impact on everyday activities, such as driving.
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9 Surprising Drunk Driving Laws in PA

On average, about 30 alcohol-related traffic accidents occur each day in Pennsylvania. Local and state law enforcement officials work to prevent these types of crashes before they happen by regularly citing motorists for driving under the influence as well as other alcohol-related charges.

Animal Friends
Dog Training Scholarships During National Dog Bite Prevention Week

May 19, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA—The third week of May marks the start of National Dog Bite Prevention Week, and Edgar Snyder & Associates is partnering with Animal Friends to train dogs—and their humans—on injury prevention practices through scholarship opportunities and awareness messaging.

Spinal Implan
Spinal Implants on the Rise: Are They Unnecessary?

The number of spinal fusion surgeries conducted in the United States is on the rise, and the market for devices necessary for the operation is getting competitive. This competition has led experts to worry that surgeons are pushing procedures and devices on patients who may not need them.

2014 PA Super Lawyers List
2014 Super Lawyers List Announced

Edgar Snyder & Associates is pleased to announce the firm’s attorneys who have been selected to the 2014 Pennsylvania Super Lawyers list and Rising Stars list.

Scholarship Contest
Googling Against Drunk Driving

The term "to google," used as a verb, has been included in the dictionary since 2006. And with ample access to computers and smartphones, "googling" has become a daily part of life. North Allegheny High School Senior Zachary Nimmo understood this, and saw it as a creative way to illustrate a very serious message to his peers.

Scholarship Contest
Safe Driving PSA Wins Scholarship

Whitney Shetler was selected as a winner of the Edgar Snyder & Associates “Words to be Heard” Scholarship Contest. Since the contest’s inception in 2007, the law firm has awarded 70 scholarships totaling over $100,000.

dog bite
Dog Bite Cases on Rise

Not since 2003 have this many cases occurred for dog bite injuries. Since last year, courts across the country saw this kind of claim 17,359 times.

Scholarship Contest
Legos Demonstrate Importance of Safe Driving

Greensburg Central Catholic High School senior Taylor Hanson won $2,500 in the Edgar Snyder and Associates "Words to be Heard" Scholarship Contest for a PSA to discourage drunk driving and texting while driving. Hanson, a Greensburg resident, produced a video that uses stop motion animated Lego characters to illustrate the dangers of unsafe driving.