Many Recalled Vehicles Never Get Fixed

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Owners Don't Always Bring Cars in for Repairs Following a Recall

After recently recalling nearly 7 million vehicles due to various defects, General Motors (GM) notified car owners to get the faulty auto parts fixed— free of charge. However, experts suspect that hundreds of thousands of these unsafe vehicles will never be brought in for repairs.

Following a recall, automakers typically contact car owners via letter and instruct them to bring their vehicles back to the dealership for the necessary repairs. Historically, only about 60% of all recalled vehicles are ever brought back to the dealers.

Experts say there are multiple reasons why car owners don't always take advantage of these free repairs. Because owners are only notified in a single letter, many disregard automakers' recall notices as junk mail. Some people could also perceive the safety risk as minimal if their vehicle has never exhibited any of the problems that caused the recall. Others may just be unable to sacrifice their car for the time it takes to make a repair.

Two factors in the GM recall indicate that more owners than average won't be dropping off their cars for repairs any time soon. The recall involves older model cars, which have likely had multiple owners—this makes it hard to locate the current owners. Also, if the brand has gone out of business, like Pontiac and Saturn, some may not know that they can get their vehicles repaired at any GM dealership. These factors could leave huge numbers of defective and unsafe GM cars out on the roads.

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