The 6 Gadgets Every Safe Bicyclist Should Know About

The video was provided by Hövding, under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

These State-of-the-Art Apps and Gadgets Help Keep Bike Riders Safe

Bike travel has skyrocketed in recent years—from 1990 to 2012, the number of bicycle commuters nearly doubled in America's 70 largest cities. As more and more cars and cyclists mingle on the roadways, the safety of both parties can become compromised. These recent advances in technology may hold the key to a safer commute.

  1. The Hovding Bike Helment: an Airbag for Bicyclists—The Hovding inflatable bicycle helmet may look like a trendy scarf, but it could save the life of a cyclist involved in a collision. This device is worn around a bicyclist's neck but will instantly inflate to protect their head in a crash. Preliminary tests show that it may be three times as effective as a standard bicycle helmet.
  2. See.Sense: the Intelligent Bike Light—The state-of-the-art See.Sense. bike light contains sensors that react to nearby light levels and movement. If a cyclist brakes or swerves suddenly, this light will flash similarly to the flashing lights on a police car or ambulance. See.Sense. also projects a broad beam—this prevents side-on collisions by ensuring that a bike is visible from all angles.
  3. The Xfire Bike Lane light: Bicycle Lanes Made of Lasers—Who needs an officially marked bike lane when you have lasers? The Xfire Bike Lane light emits two red laser beams that project a three-foot wide bike lane onto any road. According to the manufacturer, the artificially-created bike lane can be seen by drivers up to a mile away.
  4. The "Loud Bicycle" Horn—The attention-grabbing Loud Bicycle horn was designed to get drivers' attention. At 112 decibels, this two-toned horn sounds almost identical to a car's horn. The creator believes that drivers respond immediately to the familiar car horn sound, and that they will instantly react to the sound by braking to look for obstacles in the road.
  5. BikeSpike: Track Your Bike on Your Phone—The BikeSpike device is attached to a bike's frame and allows you to track the bike's location on your smartphone. BikeSpike will send an alert if a bike is involved in a crash or is tampered with. It can also alert parents if a child out riding deviates from their expected course or rides too far from home.
  6. The Atom: Have Important Devices on Bike Trips—Even the best safety gadgets are useless if left uncharged. The Atom is a USB battery pack that harnesses the energy created by pedaling to charge your electrical devices, such as a bike light or cell phone. A bicyclist can connect any USB-powered deivce to The Atom, and keep all of their essential safety gizmos charged and ready to go in the case of an emergency. Just remember, don't text and ride!

Although a bicyclist may outfit themselves with all of the latest safety devices and gadgets, they should still adhere to the basic safety practices of the road. Bicycle accidents can happen at any time and can cause very serious injuries. Visit our Bicycle Safety Resource Center to find helpful resources and tips and tricks for staying safe on your bike.

Were You Injured in a Bicycle Accident?

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