Top Causes of Accidental Deaths in US

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Distracted Driving, Slip and Falls Among Leading Causes

A new report has found that deaths from accidental injuries are on the rise—they increased 3.2 percent in 2012 from the previous year. Although poisonings from drug overdoses remain the leading cause of accidental death for working-age adults, motor vehicle crashes and falls caused the most fatal injuries for other US demographics.

A significant portion of the fatalities cited in the US National Safety Council's annual report occurred near individuals' homes or in their vehicles. For younger people, motor vehicle collisions caused the majority of injury deaths in 2012. During that year, roughly 1,900 young drivers died in auto accidents as well as 1,100 young passengers. The report found that an additional 1,700 individuals suffered fatal injuries after being hit by a young driver.

Why are young people especially at risk while driving? The report showed that distractions caused by cellphones contributed significantly to the crashes. Cellphone use is now estimated to be involved in 26 percent of all motor vehicle accidents.

Meanwhile, for individuals 65 years and older, fatal slip and falls are the leading cause of accidental deaths. Since 1999, the number of falls among the elderly has risen 112 percent, and in 2010 more than 21,600 seniors suffered fatal injuries from a fall.

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