Can Pittsburgh Ever Pave Over its Pothole Plight?


Decades of Neglect Have Left City Streets Riddled With Potholes

Although the unrelenting winter weather of the past few months created its fair share of potholes for City of Pittsburgh streets, the Polar Vortex is not the only thing that has wreaked havoc on our roads. For years, city officials have fallen far short of meeting the paving needs for Pittsburgh's weather-beaten roadways.

Roadway experts maintain that in order to keep roads in good condition, the City of Pittsburgh needs to pave 80 miles of streets each year. The last time the city completed this necessary roadwork was during the last century—in 1999. Ever since meeting that standard, the city has consistently paved a small number of miles each year, even paving a record low of 24 miles in 2004.

City officials blame financial problems and other priorities for failing to maintain safe, pothole-free roadways for Pittsburgh citizens. This year, financial limitations will likely leave city roads in disrepair yet again. The 2014 capital budget allots $7.1 million, nearly 28 percent less than last year, for roadway resurfacing and paving. This amount is only expected to fund paving for 28 - 29 miles of roads.

By ordering two separate "Pothole Blitzes," Pittsburgh's newly-elected Mayor, Bill Peduto, has led the charge in the battle against these hazardous road craters. However, even his passion for the cause may not be able to reverse years of past roadway neglect.

Many drivers may wonder whether they have any legal options if a pothole damages their car. Attorney Richard Rosenthal, Managing Partner at Edgar Snyder & Associates, was recently interviewed regarding the subject—in his interview, he explains that if the accident occurred on a road maintained by a local government in Pennsylvania, you can sue for property damage to your vehicle, but you usually collect little more than your insurance deductible.

Did Bad Roads Cause Your Accident?

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