January 2014 Archive

Jun 20, 2014

Crews Begin 72-Hour Blitz to Fix as Many Potholes as Possible

Jan 31, 2014

Parents looking to improve upon the standard pacifier model may want to shy away from some pacifiers featuring the latest bells and whistles. 200,000 specialty pacifiers are being recalled because their various flashy features present a choking risk to children.

Jan 31, 2014

In a recent ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, drug manufacturers in PA can now be held responsible for negligence in the design and marketing of unsafe and potentially deadly pills to the public.

Jan 29, 2014

Make Sure to Store These Necessities in Your Vehicle During the Cold-Weather Months

Jan 24, 2014

The new minicars gaining popularity throughout the United States may outperform standard sized vehicles in a parallel parking competition. However, according to new crash test data, these sub-compacts do not measure up to their larger-sized counterparts when it comes to safety.

Jan 22, 2014

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently proposed upgrading safety standards for child car seats. For the first time, child car seats must protect children from death and injury in side-impact crashes.

Jan 21, 2014

Amid mounting pressure by consumers and environmental groups, Johnson & Johnson has removed two potentially harmful chemicals from its popular “No More Tears” baby shampoo and 100 additional baby products. The new “improved formula” now no longer contains formaldehyde and 1,4-dioxane.

Jan 17, 2014

FDA Warns Against Certain Doses of the Commonly Used Drug

Jan 13, 2014

Here's one of the best ways you can protect yourself and your family from harm in 2014. This year, review your car insurance and resolve to purchase the right coverage at the right levels. Okay—we know car insurance is probably low on your list of priorities, but it will make a huge difference if you or a loved one is involved in an accident.

Jan 10, 2014

January 10, 2014, Pittsburgh, PA – Western Pennsylvania high school seniors are encouraged to enter the 8th Annual "Words to be Heard" Scholarship Contest sponsored by Edgar Snyder & Associates.

Jan 09, 2014

Ever been in a hurry and scraped only enough ice and snow off your windshield to “peep” out at the road? Figure you’ll wait for the heater to melt away the remaining precipitation on your vehicle? If so, you’re a “peephole” driver. These drivers now face traffic citations and fines for the danger they pose to other motorists, pedestrians, and themselves.

Jan 07, 2014

Whether on a lengthy road trip or riding home from work, many drivers facing drooping eyelids adopt the “I’m tired, but I can make it” mentality. A new report says they may be risking their lives by driving while drowsy.

Jan 06, 2014

A recently published study confirms what many already suspected—dialing, texting, or reaching for a cell phone while driving increases the risk of a car accident. However, the study also surprisingly concluded that talking on the phone while driving proves less dangerous than previous studies have claimed.

Jan 03, 2014

After making the responsible decision to arrange a sponsored cab ride, hundreds of New Year’s Eve party-goers throughout Western Pennsylvania were returned safely to their homes able to look forward to a bright New Year. Had they driven home after consuming alcohol that night, that may not have been the case.

Jan 02, 2014

The new year comes with fresh snow storms threatening our safety on the roads. Although these early days of winter are a great time to relax at home bundled up sipping hot cocoa, don’t “chill” until you prepare for the first major snow of the season.