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Warm and Fuzzy Tidings
Asbury Elementary Student Wins Coloring Contest

The holidays are a time for cozy sweaters, home cooked meals, and family time spent around the fireplace. But for many families struggling just to get by, these experiences are often luxuries beyond reach. That’s why 10-year-old Emma Maphis is wishing a “warm and fuzzy” holiday for all this year.

Coloring Contest Artwork
Cambria Heights Coloring Contest Winners

Trey Trybus, age 6, and Grace Jasper, age 9, both of Cambria Heights Elementary, won a $100 gift card and for their winning artwork submitted to the Edgar Snyder "My Holiday Wish" Coloring Contest. Their submissions were chosen from more than 800 entries from across Western Pennsylvania.

Peace on Earth Snow Globe
McKnight Elementary Receives $1,000 for Student's 'Holiday Wish'

Adelle Schott is the Grand Prize winner of the 10th Annual Edgar Snyder & Associates "My Holiday Wish" Coloring Contest. For her original creation, Edgar Snyder & Associates donated $1,000 to McKnight Elementary in her honor and awarded her with at $250 gift card. Her artwork is also featured on the cover of the law firm’s 2013 holiday greeting card.

Elderly Residents Inside Nursing Home
Nursing Home Collapse

Elderly Residents Inside the Ligonier Township Nursing Home When it Occurred

tour bus
Seat Belts Soon Required on Buses

Beginning in November 2016, a new federal law will require manufacturers to install seat belts in all new long-distance buses.

baby crib
Baby Monitor Recall

Anglecare Monitors Inc. voluntarily recalled 600,000 dangerous baby monitors because the cord attached to the device poses a strangulation risk to children.

writing check
Metal-on-Metal Hip Implant Settlement

Johnson & Johnson pays for massive failure of metal-on-metal hip implants—may cost company over $2.5 billion.

winter van driving
Kia Minivan Recall

Kia Motors Corp. is recalling 80,000 Sedona minivans in the U.S. because salt exposure is causing a part of the vans’ suspensions to rust and break.

sad holiday dog
Holiday Parties Trigger Dog Bites

Holiday gatherings can put stress on the family dog, and this can potentially lead to dog bites.

Medtronic Guidewire Recall

The FDA recalled 15,000 potentially lethal guidewires used in heart procedures. Defective guidewires, made by Medtronic, could cause serious injury or death.

dangerous road
Western PA's Rough Roads

31% of Roads Rated 'Poor' by PennDOT—but lack of state funding means these roads may have to wait to be repaved.

falling asleep driving
Overworked Nurse's Wrongful Death

Is the understaffed hospital responsible for Beth Jasper's death in a car accident after falling asleep while driving home from work?

smartphone driving
Smartphones Distract Older Drivers

Teenagers aren't the only ones doing it: older drivers are becoming more and more likely to engage in distracted driving.

child in safety seat
Child Booster Seat Rankings

Find out which booster seats earned high safety ratings, and which two dangerous booster seats you shouldn't buy.

prescription bottle
New Rule For Generic Drug Labels

More than 80 percent of the prescriptions filled in the United States are for generic drugs. Unfortunately, a loophole in our federal law protects those who can afford name brand drugs, while leaving generic drug users at risk.

best places to work 2013
2013 Best Places to Work Award

For the sixth year in a row, employees have voted our law firm one of the Best Places to Work in Western Pennsylvania.

smartphone teens
Young Drivers Post 'Selfies'

New dangerous trend of young drivers taking "selfies" while driving and posting them to Instagram or Twitter.

city steps
South Side Steps Renovation

Controversial renovations transform city steps in Pittsburgh's South Side into steep ramps.

elderly medication
Johnson & Johnson Settlement

$2 Billion Penalty for Falsely Marketing Drugs and Putting Patients' Health at Risk

break pedal
Honda Minivans Recalled

Honda recalls 2007 and 2008 Odyssey Minivans due to risk of heavy and unexpected braking