Plastic Gas Cans at Risk to Explode

gas can

Gas Cans Pose Fiery Danger

New evidence suggests that the red plastic portable gasoline containers, a classic staple of many American garages, can dangerously explode in the unsuspecting hands of consumers.

Recently published lab tests indicate that under certain conditions gas vapors can explode within the portable gas cans, potentially causing severe burns and even death. Since 1998, at least 11 individuals have died in gas can explosions of this nature, and 1,200 more have been sent to the emergency room.

These types of fiery flare-ups, deemed "flashback" explosions, typically occur while consumers are pouring the gasoline out of the can. Although the chance is rare, these volatile containers pose a very real danger.

Source: “Warning: Scientists say gas cans carry risk of explosion.” December 4, 2013.