Stop in the Name of Fines: Red Light Cameras Coming to Pittsburgh

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Traffic Cameras Arriving Sometime Next Year

The threat of a potential car accident does not always prevent some drivers from breezing through red lights if they believe law enforcement is not watching. However, now Pittsburgh motorists will have another reason to consistently obey traffic signals: a $100 ticket automatically sent to drivers who run red lights.

Pittsburgh City Council recently voted to implement automated cameras to catch drivers failing to stop for red lights. The cameras will capture a picture of the vehicle's license plate, and a $100 ticket will be mailed to the car's registered owner. This pilot program, scheduled to begin sometime next year, will install traffic cameras at 10 to 20 intersections throughout the city.

Although the cameras are designed to make Pittsburgh's intersections safer, they are somewhat controversial—therefore City Council included a "sunset" provision in the legislation. This provision permits the removal of red light cameras if the program is not deemed successful by 2017.

Source: “Red light cameras approved in Pittsburgh.” December 10, 2013.