Police Cracking Down on Dangerous Drivers This Holiday Season

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State Officials Say Traffic Enforcement Programs Make Roads Safer

As part of the "Click-it-or-Ticket" and "Steer Clear" programs many Pennsylvania drivers have received citations for neglecting to wear seat belts or failing to slow down while passing a roadside accident. State Police and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) claim traffic enforcement programs like these are finally making PA's roads safer, just in time to kickoff this year's holiday traffic enforcement program: "Operation Safe Holiday."

The number of fatal auto accidents in multiple counties throughout the state has declined dramatically this past year, and both state troopers and PennDOT attribute this to the enforcement of PA's traffic programs. The goal of the "Operation Safe Holiday" program is to reduce the number of traffic fatalities during the holidays—a time when festive celebration mixed with poor road conditions often leads to dangerous driving.

State police along with 600 municipal police departments will enforce "Operation Safe Holiday" through New Year's Day by increasing patrols and setting up additional drunk driving checkpoints. Police target impaired drivers, aggressive drivers, and unbelted occupants in high-accident, high-fatality areas. They will also cite drivers who do not remove all snow and ice from their windshields, which can fly off creating a driving hazard for nearby vehicles.

Source: “Officials say programs are making Pennsylvania roads much safer.” Triblive.com. December 9, 2013.