Scary Surge in High Chair-Related Injuries

baby high chair

In the United States, roughly one child every hour suffers an injury associated with a high chair. Now, a new study claims that injuries of this nature are on the rise.

The study, published in Clinical Pediatrics, found that U.S. emergency rooms treat 9,400 children with high-chair related injuries annually. Between 2003 and 2010, injuries related to high chairs and booster seats increased by more than 22 percent. Most of the injured children suffered head injuries, such as concussions, after falling from their high chairs.

These chairs pose a risk in multiple ways: high chairs typically stand taller than standard chairs and are often used near tables and counters. Children falling from the chairs usually strike their head on a hard surface with considerable momentum, potentially causing serious injuries.

High chairs are also dangerous if parents and caregivers use the high chair's restraining system incorrectly: many neglect the chair's safety straps and use only the tray as a restraint. Safety advocates maintain that using the restraining system properly is the number one way to prevent high-chair related injuries.

Source: “High chair injuries on the rise, study finds.” December 9, 2013.