Ceiling of Bethlen Home Collapses after Water Main Break

elderly person

Elderly Residents Inside the Nursing Home When it Occurred

In Ligonier Township, elderly individuals coping with a range of medical issues recently faced multiple traumatic events, all in the place they call home.

A water main break severely flooded the inside of the Bethlen Home, a facility that provides both short-term rehabilitation and long-term nursing care for seniors. The invasive flooding then caused the ceiling to collapse in the nursing home's 200 wing.

The staff evacuated the residents, taking some to alternate facilities and some to other locations in Bethlen Home. Some of the wing's residents reportedly had varying degrees of impaired cognitive function, and an event of this magnitude was likely distressing for them both psychically and emotionally.

Source: “Water main break causes flooding in Bethlen Home.” Triblive.com. November 25, 2013.