Johnson & Johnson Pays for Massive Failure of Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

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Repairing the Damage May Cost Medical Products Giant Upwards of $2.5 Billion

Johnson & Johnson's now-recalled metal-on-metal hip implant, known at the Articular Surface Replacement (ASR), ranks as one of the most-flawed medical implants sold in recent decades. Thousands of patients were forced to have it removed and replaced with another device. Now, Johnson & Johnson may pay upwards of $2.5 billion to an estimated 8,000 injured patients in an attempt to repair the damage caused by the faulty hip implant.

Beginning in 2003, over 93,000 patients received the ASR, with 1/3 in the United States. The settlement agreement seeks to compensate patients who had to undergo invasive surgery after their implant failed. Johnson & Johnson has also agreed to separately pay the medical bills for these procedures, which could cost them an additional $500 million. Some of these patients suffered crippling pain and mounting tissue damage for years as the all-metal implant shed metallic debris inside their bodies.

The agreement must receive the support of 94 percent of eligible claimants to go forward, but not all injured patients will receive equal compensation. Each patient's individual settlement amount depends on a variety of factors and is based on the severity of their injuries.

This settlement comes after years of Johnson & Johnson denying that a problem existed with the hip implant.

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