Parents Report Daughters for Throwing Party

underage drinking arrested

A pair of teenage sisters from Connecticut now face criminal charges after concerned citizens reported the duo for throwing a party where their high school peers engaged in underage drinking. However the concerned citizens were not just some nosy neighbors; they were the girls' own parents.

The parents, who had gone away for the holiday weekend, returned from their getaway one day early to find a teenage drinking party in full swing at their suburban home. They then discovered that those hosting the unsanctioned bash were none other than their own 15- and 16-year-old daughters.

Following the parents' arrival, some of the roughly 20 intoxicated teenage guests fled from the home, while the more sluggish of the bunch remained inside. The parents then decided to call the police, and left the matter in the hands of the local law enforcement officers.

Due to the sisters' ages, their names have not been released. Both girls were charged with permitting minors to possess alcohol and must appear in juvenile court. While debates rage over whether or not the parents did the right thing by involving police officers, these young girls have hopefully learned an important lesson regarding underage drinking.

Source: “Parents Have Kids Arrested After Busting Party.” October 23, 2013.