Nissan and Toyota Recall 700,000 Vehicles


If you drive a Nissan Infiniti M luxury sedan or a Toyota Sienna minivan, beware! Nissan and Toyota recently announced a recall of more than 700,000 of these vehicles in the U.S. due to glaring defects that may lead to auto accidents and injuries.

Nissan Recalls Infiniti M Luxury Sedans

Nissan is recalling 100,000 Infiniti M luxury sedans produced between 2004 and 2013. Nissan's recall of the defective sedans stems from unstable sensors, which can cause a vehicle to accelerate less aggressively than a driver might intend, and trigger the vehicle to stop or even stall out entirely in some cases. Although Nissan claims to be unaware of any accidents or injuries linked to the unstable sensors so far, the manufacturer has received multiple complaints.

This recall is not limited to the Infinity M model: the manufacturer also installed the unstable sensors in their Serena, X-Trail, Lafesta, and Fuga vehicles. However, U.S. consumers most likely did not have access to these models. Nissan produced a vast majority for the Japanese export market and did not sell many of them in the United States.

Toyota Recalls Sienna Minivans

After receiving reports of 21 "minor accidents," Toyota recalled 650,000 Sienna minivans in the United States citing a defect in the shift lever that could cause unexpected rollaways.

In the recalled Toyota Sienna minivans, a driver could accidentally nudge the shift lever out of the park position without first depressing the brake. If the vehicle is not parked on a level surface this could allow it to dangerously roll away.

The automaker produced the recalled minivans in its Indiana plant from model years 2004-2005 and from 2007-2009.

Toyota is not new to the recall process: the auto manufacturer has had more vehicles involved in safety-related recalls than any other manufacturer during four of the last five years, and has recalled almost 2 million U.S. vehicles this month alone.

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