Millions of Blood Sugar Test Strips Recalled

blood testing strips recalled

The FDA has issued a recall of up to 62 million blood glucose test strips, marketed as Nova Max Blood Glucose Strips and Nova Max Plus Glucose Meter Kits. The strips were sold through retail stores and websites both in the US and internationally.

The strips show inaccurately high blood sugar readings, and diabetes patients are urgently instructed to stop using the strips immediately. The FDA believes the strips were contaminated with a chemical that is used in another part of the manufacturing process, and this chemical is causing the abnormally high readings. Officials are concerned that patients will take unnecessary medications or delay necessary medical attention based on the incorrect reading, and they insist it is not safe to estimate a lower reading at the risk of deadly consequences.

While the FDA continues to investigate, patients are encouraged to call the manufacturer at 1-800-681-7390 to see if their strips are affected by the recall and to receive complimentary, safe replacements. In addition to checking the test strips, the FDA also encourages patients to pay extra attention to signs and symptoms of high or low blood sugar levels: excessive thirst, nausea, weakness, headaches, and trembling.

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