Baby Einstein Jumpers Recalled

Baby Einstein jumpers recalled

The children's product manufacturer Kids II has issued a voluntary recall of its Baby Einstein Musical Motion Activity Jumper. Over 100 incidents have been reported in relation to the jumper, including 61 injuries.

Surrounding the seat of the jumper are several interactive toys, including a yellow sun with three to five rings on a flexible stalk. If bent properly, the sun attachment can rebound and cause an impact injury. While Kids II is still receiving injury reports, the sun attachment has already caused bruises, cuts, and one skull fracture. One adult also sustained a chipped tooth.

Parents are instructed to stop using the jumper immediately even if they have not experienced an incident; some parents reported that the attachment bumped their child's head, but they did not realize the attachment was a concern until the recall. Kids II is offering free, safe replacements to those customers who call 877-325-7056.

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