Celebrating Female Motorcyclists

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We see female motorcyclists more and more on the roads, so it's only appropriate that the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum named July as Women's Motorcycle Month a few years ago. The purpose is to celebrate those women who currently ride and those women in the past who inspired others to "ride" their way into a traditionally male-dominated sport.

Women are a stronger presence in the motorcycling community more than they ever were before. About 4.5 million women own motorcycles. In fact, 1 of every 4 riders is a woman—that's a 67 percent increase from 2003. The increase might be owed in part to motorcycle manufacturers that companies have expanded their marketing pools to reach women. Companies offer clothing and equipment designed specifically to fit and protect women, and some offer bikes modified for lighter bodies. Some companies such as Harley-Davidson offer events that focus on teaching women to ride.

Our law firm supports female riders, and we also commend them on their safety. In fact, women seem to be among the most safety-conscious riders—of all those riders who complete a motorcycle safety course, more than half are women.

We encourage all riders, whether you've been riding for years or you just started, to ride safely and defensively. Remember to always perform a safety check before you ride, and review the other safety tips and resources our law firm has compiled in our Motorcycle Resource Center.

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