PennDOT Releases 2012 PA Crash Facts & Statistics

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The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recently released its 2012 Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics Handbook, which details information on various types of traffic collisions that occurred across the state last year.

In 2012, there were 124,092 auto accidents reported in Pennsylvania – 87,846 people were injured and 1,310 people were killed. On any given day in 2012, one out of every 44 people was involved in an accident. One out of 9,743 people was killed, and one out of every 147 was injured. In total, collisions cost every man, woman, and child in the state $1,164.

Alcohol-Related Accident Statistics

The report also revealed various statistics on alcohol-related accidents, which continues to be a focus for Departments of Transportation across the U.S. Drinking drivers contributed to 11,956 crashes and killed 404 people in 2012. Alcohol-related accidents represented nearly one-third (31%) of all traffic collisions.

In 2012 in Pennsylvania…

  • …approximately 18% of the driver deaths in people ages 16-20 were drinking drivers.
  • …of drivers ages 21-25 killed in accidents, 40% were drinking drivers.
  • …three-fourths of the drinking drivers in traffic crashes were males.
  • …33 alcohol-related crashes occurred every day.
  • …about 24 people were injured every day.
  • …over half of the fatal accidents that involved alcohol (52%) occurred on Saturday and Sunday.
  • …there were 954 crashes involving underage drinking drivers.

Visit Our Accident Statistics Webpage for More Information

Every year, PennDOT releases these reports filled with information on every type of accident. To view more facts on each type of accident, visit our accident statistics webpage.

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"2012 Pennsylvania Crash Facts & Statistics Handbook." Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. 2013.